Snowmobile & ATV Repairs

A Blast to Ride, But a Pain to Fix

A Blast to Ride, But a Pain to Fix

Let the pros at Gene's Marine and Powersports, LLC handle your snowmobile & ATV repairs!

Snowmobiles and ATVs are their own beasts. They're fast, furious and super fun to ride, but they come with their own unique mechanical issues. If you're not a tenured snowmobile owner, it may surprise you to learn that most mechanics don't perform snowmobile repairs. Both of these vehicles have their own tracks, suspension, crankshaft and controls. Trying to repair your own snowmobile or ATV is certainly a tall order, even if you've been riding for years.

That's why so many clients in the Kalamazoo County area take their snowmobiles to Gene's Marine for assistance with their snowmobile and ATV repairs. Gene and his team have the experience necessary to handle even the most complicated issues and will do so at an affordable price. Don't let your favorite wintertime activity go to the wayside - call Gene's Marine and Powersport, LLC to make your appointment today!

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